5 of The Best Dedicated Hosting

Are you serious about expanding your business? Your website should be able grow with you. Dedicated hosting allows you to have complete control and a lot of power. You own all the CPU, Bandwidth, Storage and RAM on this server.

Although shared hosting can be a great way to get your site off the ground quickly, you cannot run large databases or create apps. You eventually exhaust all other hosting options and realize that owning your server is worth it.

How do you find the best service for your money?

Let’s discuss the top best dedicated hosting options for your business. After presenting top list we recommend in detail, I will support you through the information you need to decide.

1# HostGator Review

Best Dedicated Hosting Customer Support

HostGator’s 99.99% availability and unmetered bandwidth make them a great choice for businesses websites. HostGator Best Dedicated Hosting Customer Support

HostGator has a reputation for its exceptional customer support which is available 24/7/365.

You can also access online resources such as videos and knowledge base articles that will help you set-up your site.

Hostgator offers three main dedicated hosting plans as below:

  • Value Server: $89.98 /month
  • Power Server: $119.89 /month
  • Enterprise Server: $139.99 /month

The Value Server offers 4 cores, 8 threads, and an Intel Xeon D for the CPU. The Value Server has 8GB RAM and a 1Tera Byte for the HDD, which provide huge storage space.

The Power Server is the second plan which you can consider. It has 8 cores and sixteenth threads, as well as the same CPU type that the Value Server.

on the other hand, it gives you 16GB RAM, and two type of storages 2TB HDD and 512GB SSD. it’s really big advantage for larger applications.

The third plan is the Enterprise Server which is having the same CPU specs and type like the other plans. Upgrades include 30GB RAM and 1TB SSD storage to handle the most complicated applications.

You have the option to choose from managed or semi-managed hosting depending on how customizable you wish your server to be.

HostGator offers unmetered bandwidth, compatibility with Linux OS and Windows OS with all its packages.

HostGator owns servers. However, like Bluehost they are both located in the US. although, it’s provided very good performance, but it’s not the best choice for businesses that have a lot of international customers.

2# Bluehost Review

Best Dedicated Hosting Enriched Features

Bluehost has been rated as one of the top dedicated hosting services. Its availability 99.98% which let Bluehost to be on the top of the heap when we talk about performance. While it is more affordable than other dedicated hosts, you still get a lot of features for your business website.

Bluehost Best Dedicated Hosting Enriched Features

Bluehost offers all the essential dedicated hosting features plus many more advanced features which give your business plenty of room to expand.

customer support at your service 24/7 if there is a problem. Also, access control and database management make it easy to have everything you need.

Bluehost offers three hosting plans as below:

  • Standard: $79.99 /month
  • Enhanced: $99.99 /month
  • Premium: $119.99 /month

Standard package includes 4cores running at 2.3GHz and 500GB mirrored storage to back up your data. Although you won’t get a lot of memory with only 4GB RAM it is good for simple websites. With three IP addresses, 5TB bandwidth will give you the speed and performance you need to keep your website running.

The Enhanced plan takes you to the next level or performance, as it offers you with same cores at 2.5GHz and mirror storage of 1TB for backup. You also get four IP addresses and double the bandwidth to 10TB.

Premium package, the most expensive one, gives you 4cores running at 3.3GHz as well as 1TB of mirror storage. You get 5IP addresses, an increase in RAM to 16GB, and bandwidth to 15TB.

Bluehost offers a free domain name, a free SSL certificate and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Bluehost only has one server’s location. This is the biggest problem. Bluehost only has one server location. If you have a website that is not located in the United States, you may need a different host.

3# DreamHost Review

Best Dedicated Hosting Storage

DreamHost may not offer the same features and performance as other dedicated hosting providers, but it does provide a lot more storage. You can be sure to have everything you need with a fully managed server and 24/7 tech support.Dreamhost Best Dedicated Hosting Storage

There are two options: Standard or Enhanced. The Standard plan is $169 per month. It includes 4cores, 8threads, and 4GB RAM. DreamHost’s 1TB HDD storage and RAID 1 storage means that DreamHost is more capable than other hosting providers.

Keep in mind that this is HDD storage, but as you know SSD storage is faster. Many of the plans I have chosen come with SSD. This is because it offers better performance. DreamHost offers more storage, but at a higher price. However, there are some performance compromises.

The Enhanced package, which costs $279 per month, allows you to upgrade to 12 cores, 24 threads, 16GB RAM and 2TB HDD with Raid 1 storage. This is a significant price increase, but it’s worth considering that each feature doubles or quadruples in some cases.

There are three standard levels and six enhanced options that can support 64GB RAM.

Each package comes with root access, so you can manage your settings even if you are using a managed server. It also includes DDoS protection.

Despite having fewer features, the downside is its high price. The highest priced option is $379. This price is not high in comparison to my top recommendations. However, if you’re looking for dedicated hosting in general, it is still a great deal.

DreamHost offers international servers in America, Asia and Europe. This makes them an excellent choice for international customers.

4# InMotion Review

Best Dedicated Hosting toward Technical Websites

InMotion is a solution for businesses with a variety of technology needs. The platform is high-performance and includes features such as:

  • 99% Availability
  • SSD Storage
  • Support available 24/7
  • Tier 1 network
  • Multi-layer defense
  • Fast start times

InMotion Best Dedicated Hosting toward Technical Websites

Although it might seem like InMotion offers only basic packages, their Managed and Bare Metal options offer much more.

Bare Metal, an unmanaged server starting at $57.50 per monthly, has full root access. You can select your OS and Ansible will automate it. Additionally, you can get up to 5 IP addresses. There are 16GB RAM options available.

Starting at $77.50 per monthly, the Managed option gives you a fully managed server, with cPanel, WHM, and more. Automated backups are included so that you don’t have to worry if data is lost. You only have one OS choice, Linux-based. However, you have 16GB RAM and 5 IP addresses.

InMotion offers customized solutions and a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s a great dedicated hosting solution that is affordable, considering its features.

5# TMDHosting Review

Best Quick Startup Dedicated Hosting

TMDHosting is not as expensive or as fancy as dedicated hosting, but it will give you a high-quality websites quickly. You won’t have any problems upgrading if your website is experiencing high traffic or other issues. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of fully managed servers.

TMDHosting Best Quick Startup Dedicated Hosting

TMDHosting offers four dedicated web hosting plans as below:

  • Starter: $159.95 /month
  • Original: $199.95/month
  • Smart: $249.95 /month
  • Super Powerful: $299.95 /month

Starter offers a 1TB storage space with RAID-10 for a very basic package. There are 4cores of CPU with 8threads, and 8GB DDR4 RAM. This will ensure that you have enough space to host everything.

The Original upgrade gives you 2TB storage, 6CPU cores and 12 threads. It’s not a big jump, as you get the same amount RAM. However, the price is not as high.

The Smart plan offers the same storage capacity as the Original. Upgrades include 8CPU cores, 16 threads, and 16GB DDR4 RAM.

Super Powerful includes 2x2TB storage and RAID-10 at the top. While you still have 8cores and 16 threads of processing power, 32GB DDR4 RAM gives you plenty of storage and memory.

Every level includes unlimited bandwidth, premium support, a WHM and cPanel. TMDHosting claims they can get your website up and running in just twenty minutes. This is a huge advantage over other hosting companies that take 24+ hours.

What I Did to Look for the Best Dedicated Hosting!?

It will be easier to choose a dedicated host if you know what features you require.

A dedicated hosting service should be able to help your website run at its best. These additional features will make your website stand out.

1. Host Management

The server knowledge you have and the level of control you desire over dedicated hosting will determine whether you have to go with a managed host or an unmanaged one.

Managed hosting means that your host will take care of any server issues. When you purchase the hosting plan, they manage its operating system (OS), control panels, setup, and any other aspects.

Hosting that isn’t managed can be cheaper than managed hosting. However, you have to manage everything. Although the host will still do minimal network maintenance, they won’t be able to help you with software, security, errors, or other aspects of your network.

Unmanaged systems give you more control, but it doesn’t make much sense if you don’t know what you’re doing. A managed hosting service is worth the extra cost if you feel comfortable.

2. Host Security

Data breaches cost companies on average $3.9 million, according to Forbes Protect your business with a dedicated host that offers high-quality security.

This will make your customers feel more comfortable shopping with you. This will help you avoid potential problems and build trust between your customers.

3. Service Availability

Your website’s uptime can be maintained at a minimum of 100% by having a dedicated host. Website traffic can be lost and, in turn, website conversions.

Look for a provider who maintains availability and ensures maximum uptime. You want to have a host that has an uptime of 99.98% or more.

4. Scalability

You can grow your business with dedicated hosting. Scalable hosting allows for you to customize your hosting and upgrades according to the needs of your website.

5. Hosting Control

You have full control over the configuration and software installation of dedicated hosting, which allows you to work on your website however you like. You can tailor your service by having administrative access. Your dedicated host gives you control over which services are used.

6. Hardware & Operating System

While some hosts can support multiple OSs, others do not. So, you need to select the suitable one according to your OS required.

You need to select the suitable hardware for the dedicated server to be able to ensure that it is meeting your business’s needs. Before you make a purchase, be sure to check server specs like CPU model, speed, RAM size and bandwidth.


Your business site is only as good and reliable as the dedicated hosting service it uses. You need a service that provides everything you need, including speed, customization, and support when you are in need.

Dedicated hosting is not very cheap. So, you need to select carefully. you can narrow your search by using my reviews and recommendations.

  • HostGator Best dedicated hosting customer support
  • Bluehost Best dedicated hosting enriched features
  • DreamHost Best dedicated hosting storage
  • InMotion Best dedicated hosting toward technical websites
  • TMDHosting Best quick startup dedicated hosting

There are dedicated hosting providers you can trust. Explore your options and decide which one is right for your company. This guide will help you narrow down your choices using our top recommendations and methodology.

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