How to install wordPress on bluehost!?

WordPress was initially a blogging system but has grown into a complete CMS and many other things.

So are you ready to start? The Marketplace allows you to install WordPress and other scripts from third-party developers on your host account.
You can follow either of two instructions below for installing WordPress. 

What are the available options?


  1. How To Install WordPress On BluehostGo to My Sites tab at the side navigation menu to the left.
  2. Click the Create Site option.
  3. You will get New windows presenting two highly recommended website builders.
  4. Select Start Building option under the WordPress choice.
  5. Enter the Admin Information like Site Name, Site Tagline and in the advanced section you need to specify Email address, User name and Password
  6. It will take few minutes to install WordPress. Once done, you can go to My Sites, then click Manage Site


    1. How to Install WordPress on bluehostPick the website choice from the submenu, then click install now from the WordPress part.
    2. Select install option from the window. 
    3. Enter the Admin data.
    4. Set the Site settings like the site name and description.
    5. enter the admin account like the admin email address, username and password.
    6. Select the preferred language.
    7. Apply the required Plugins.
    8. Set the database name,  tables prefix, notifications and upgrade options.
    9.  Select the preferred theme and email address that you need to receive the installation details and updates on.
    10. Click installation button, then click on the domain name you choose before.How to Install WordPress on Bluehost


Does Bluehost automatically installs WordPress?

Yes, once you’ve created your new account and signed in into your account dashboard, you need to select the username you use to log in and your password, then Bluehost will set up WordPress on your behalf. 

Bluehost has completely revamped their hosting and has made it WordPress focused. Instead of the old days where you needed to build the blog on your own, now Bluehost will automatically install and set up WordPress automatically for you.

What is the time frame WordPress requires to install on Bluehost?

Around 30 seconds, but it can vary. It is possible to stop for a moment during this time or buy something to eat or anything else you’d like. 

While the window opens, you can save your passwords safely.

Do I require both of WordPress and Bluehost?

It’s free to sign up for, However. It would be best if you chose a web hosting providers like Bluehost that can aid you with getting the domain you want and your hosting set up before you begin. 

Therefore, you’ll need Bluehost to access WordPress or, more precisely, you require WordPress and Bluehost, and you can’t simply purchase WordPress on its own. You may also select SiteGround, HostGator, Hostinger, GoDaddy, or any other web host according to discounts that you get and features you want.

What is the cost of hosting WordPress? Is it available for free on Bluehost?

WordPress itself is free, but you have to pay for a hosting web service to keep your website operating.

So what is the Bluehost cost per month? The lowest price on web hosting is $4.95/month for an entry-level plan.

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